Larry Rose Construction

Larry Rose Construction is a family based and operated company that has been in business since 1975. Since then, we have established a reputation of being reliable, dependable, honest, and hard-working. We specialize in many areas including excavation, grading, road construction, site preparation, underground utilities, and water service.

Larry Rose Construction owns numerous equipment pieces. This benefits not only the company, but the clients as well. Emergency and short term notice jobs can be quickly addressed, without wait for a rental.

Larry Rose Construction strives to make each experience pleasant for all those involved, from our own employees to you, our client. We encourage open communication before, during, and after projects.

Services and Expertise

Larry Rose and the crew have overseen many projects ranging in many areas which include site preparations, utility installations, installation of turn lanes, installation of roads, and their maintenance.

Their expertise has involved the site preparation of a 62,000 square foot building pad with full underground utilities, including two 30,000 gallon underground propane tanks. Larry has the knowledge and experience to install piping with fused HDPE. The company has worked in rocky conditions on numerous occasions. They have the equipment ability and knowledge necessary to work through these kind of conditions.

Site preparation and building pads is another area LRC has worked in. They have used their skills here on several subdivisions and related projects. LRC has installed sewer lines across the Virgin River as well as numerous other areas. Water lines, both culinary and irrigation is something Larry specializes in.

Past Work

In January 2008, we began a project in Orderville, Utah which consisted of demolition of an existing bridge constructed of multiplate culvert pipe. We then replaced this with a new precast concrete bridge.

During the summer of 2008, we did the demolition on the old swimming pool in Kanab, Utah. We then replaced this with a new much needed parking lot for a nearby LDS Stake Center.

In the spring of 2009, Larry Rose Construction did a new baseball field for Valley High School in Orderville, Utah. This project turned out to be one we are very proud of.

Our past work includes many many other projects and we would love to share information about any of them. Please give us a call, email or drop by to see if our experience can benefit you in your present or future project(s).

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